10% discount on computer programming courses

OYKOS Development Hub offers up-to-date courses in software development, enabling participants to acquire necessary knowledge and skills in the field of mobile applications (iOS and Android), websites and complex web applications. The participants will have a great opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals working for local and regional companies and an access to modern tools and real life projects. The course will last from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the courses selected by participants. Within the scope of this project, there are 3 courses, different in terms of volume and complexity. The cost of the Blue course is € 240, the Red course is € 480 and the Black course is € 670. The course will start mid February.
This program is intended for participants over the age of 14, who want to master web and mobile application programming tools and languages.
Anyone interested in learning about programming, in gaining knowledge, in becoming programmer can apply through the NGO “Mladiinfo” and can get 10% discount on courses offered by OYKOS Development Hub.

For more information: ://oykos.me/hub/?fromID=m1M&fbclid=IwAR1v69Ot-_qTZaZj0pIQe976mF9i5r9sNttmSW9eYgjMTuFrxWaIQrUgrdE

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