Delta Hosted the People with Disabilities Employment Fair

The Employment Agency of Montenegro organized a Fair for Employment of People with Disabilities in Delta, on Wednesday April 5th from 11 AM to 3 PM.

The aim of the fair was to enable an interaction between people with disabilities who are actively seeking employment and employers, as well as to raise awareness about benefits of employing individuals with disabilities.

„Days of Employment of People with Disabilities“ started a day before the fair, which entails presentations in seven Montenegrin municipalities, at which the project will be talked about in detail.
The fair was opened by the Director of the Employment Agency of Montenegro, Vukica Jelic.

“The fair is important because here are gathered both those who seek employment, and those who are offering employment for people with disabilities”, said Jelic.

She thanked all employers who were present, as well as those who did not manage to make it, but employed people with disabilities, because through this they showed their social responsibility. Offering employment to people with disabilities was beneficial to these employers, she explained.

“Montenegro is a country with the best legislation in the region, relating to employment of individuals with disabilities,” said the director of the Fund for professional rehabilitation Goran Macanovic.

He added that nowhere in the region exist greater benefits for employment of individuals with disabilities.

The Council of the Fund for Professional Rehabilitation is not only self-regulatory, but it also plays an important role in the employment of people with disabilities. The purpose of this council is to share opinions, recommendations and suggestions to the Employment Agency and other stakeholders in the employment of individuals with disabilities.

Edina Desic represented the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, as a Director of the Labor and Employment Directorate.

“The total amount of money available to be invested in the project is three million. Employers who hire persons with disabilities shall not be obligated to pay special contribution, and will receive a subsidy of gross earnings up 75%. They will also be provided the means for adapting the workplace, soft loans, and participation in the financing of assistants for people with disabilities,” said Desic.

She added that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is monitoring the employment of persons with disabilities with special attention, and it is trying to create a policy with a significant degree of sensibility. This is aided by the European integration, as well as many international documents which strongly advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as other human rights.

About a thousand people were part of this project so far, and there are already 269 people who are employed, 65 persons who use the help of an assistant at work, while the biggest number of employed individuals with disabilities is in the NGO sector. Out of 269 employed persons, 100 are contracted for an unspecified period.

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