Susreti mladih - Trebinje 2019

m! M at the 23rd Youth Meetings in Trebinje

Representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro were guests of the OSRS at the 23rd Youth Meetings of Republika Srpska from 26 to 30 August 2019 in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The opening ceremony of the meeting was organized in the beautiful amphitheater of Hercegovačka Gračanica, and was opened by RS Minister of Family, Youth and Sports Sonja Davidović, who pointed out that about 250 young people from 43 local communities of the RS Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered in Trebinje on this occasion. , Serbia, Slovenia and Russia.

“All of you who came to Trebinje during your stay will be able to attend various educational and informative activities, sports competitions, excursions, but what I consider most important is that you will have the opportunity to socialize, get to know each other better and eliminate prejudices against each other if you you have them, “Davidović said in her address to the meeting participants.

The President of the RS Youth Council, Nikola Stjepanović, approached the attendees with the goal of the meetings and reminded that the main goal is to encourage young people to network, creative work, but also learning and socializing.

The Mayor of Trebinje, Mirko Ćurić, emphasized that these meetings mean a lot to the city, but also to the youth who live in it, because they carry the activity while the City Administration is there to support them.

“It is important that these meetings help both the people of Trebinje and the people who come. In this exchange of experiences they see what is good that is happening in the RS, but also in the region, and when they learn the applications in their communities,” Ćurić said.

The official speeches were followed by a musical entertainment program and spectacular fireworks in honor of the opening of the meeting.

In the following days, informative educational sessions and a competitive entertaining program followed.

Ministries and their work as well as a large number of organizations as well as umbrella organizations were presented to the participants during the informative and educational part. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the ways of traveling at a minimal cost but also in planning and research.

The activities of the Montenegrin Youth Forum were discussed by the secretary of this organization, Milica Žugić, who directed the attendees not only to the work of the organization itself but also to the realized projects and at the very end of the lecture, the attendees had the opportunity to hear the Youth Anthem, which was created as part of the “Today I am Young” project, which tacts the participants hummed easily.

Participants had the opportunity to try different sports and develop a competitive spirit. During the day, there were a number of mini-excursions and exploring the city as well as the Tvrdos Monastery, swimming pools, aqua parks, significant monuments in the city and many more.

Several activities are organized within the entertainment program, one of them being a traffic light and games without borders.

At the closing of the meeting, participants and goths were awarded certificates and acknowledgments, and the most prominent “athletes” were awarded prizes.

The organizer of the meeting is the Youth Council of Republika Srpska, with the support of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Srpska and the City of Trebinje.

With the joint photographing of all participants and guests, the 23rd Youth Meetings of Republika Srpska were completed.

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