Hate speech panel discussion in Tuzi

Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the panel discussion to present the project “No Hate Online Offline No Hate” held on February 28 at the May 25 Gymnasium in Tuzi.

The project will be implemented starting in February, and was launched by the Slobodan Škerović Gymnasium volunteer club, in cooperation with Ivan Uskoković High School, Danilovgrad and Cetinje high schools, as well as May 25 Gymnasium Tuzi.

Representatives of NGOs Prima Aida Perović Ivanović, 35 millimeters Kristina Ćetković, and history teacher from this school Marko Junčaj all spoke at the panel discussion.

The host was the school director Milijana Dabović, who welcomed and thanked all participants.

The project was presented by the teacher, mentor and coordinator of the May 25 Gymnasium volunteer club Katrina Berišaj.

“We have carried out training for peer educators and mentors which we attended, and we also discussed attitudes with regard to hate speech on the internet. Our peer educators carried out five workshops. The most interesting part was the question of stereotypes, especially the ones regarding men and women,” she said.

Hate speech is something that we encounter every day on the internet, and it is certainly more likely to be tolerated online than offline.

“Online hate can be expressed through videos and photos, as well as through the recognizable material and text,” said the representative of 35 millimeters. As part of her presentation the film “SIGEMBR” was shown, after which the audience participated in the discussion.

The president of the NGO Prima Aida Perović also spoke at the panel. She explained that in the beginning a regional network for the campaign against hate speech was set up by NGOs, do that everyone can participate in resolving this issue.

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