M!M Workshop on Migrants in Europe and Montenegro

Mladiinfo Montenegro, in cooperation with the NGO Jump, organized a workshop “Migration and Refugees and Their Impact on Montenegro”, as part of the project “Migration Enriching Society”. The workshop was held on March 3rd in Mladiiinfo Montenegro in Podgorica.

Virna Hadžiosmanović, coach for youth work, Vladimir Otašević, editor of Network for Investigating Organized Crime and Corruption “Lupa”, as well as Suzana Vučetić, a member of Mladiinfo Montenegro all lead the workshop.

Vladimir Otašević spoke about investigative journalism in general, but also about migration and the position of refugees in Montenegro. He also briefly explained in which ways the asylum seekers come to Montenegro and why.

“A large number of migrants came to Montenegro in 2014/15, but a small number have been granted asylums, only ten to 15. There’s several false asylum applications after which applicants leave Montenegro,” said Otašević.

He also touched on the implementation of an investigative story and collection of the necessary information for the story to be finalized.

The audience was addressed by a member of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro Suzana Vučetić, who shared her experience with migration, after attending several workshops on this topic. She described her past visits to various institutions in Berlin that receive migrants, and she talked about how the refugees are taken care of in those camps.

Non-governmental organizations, volunteers and all interested were present at the workshop. Guests of the workshop were Ahmida Taworghi, Ahmed Abdelmalek, Mohammed Abudabbus, migrants from Libya, who shared their stories. They explained why they had come to Montenegro, as well as described their impressions and experiences in Montenegro.

The audience also had the opportunity to engage in a discussion and expresses their opinion on migrants in Europe and the situation in Montenegro.

“Migration Enriching Society” is being implemented in seven European countries: Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, and Croatia. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness among young people about the importance of work with individuals from different backgrounds and introduction to the basic issues regarding migration.

M!M is established to improve the situation of young people in Montenegro, through information, education and their active participation in society

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