NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is a voluntary, independent, non-political and non-profit organization. The organization does not discriminate anybody on the grounds of national, religious, racial, ethnic or any other basis.

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro was founded on 30 March 2011. The main objective of the association is improving the situation of young people, informing, promoting volunteerism, active participation in society, as well as raising public awareness of the issues and problems that concern young people.

M!M strives to provide the conditions for young people to fulfill their goals and needs, as well as to express their talents and abilities and all that with the aim of wellbeing of the entire society.

Other goals of this Organization are:

+ Improving student awareness about opportunities to study abroad,

+ Creating space for activities for students and graduates,

+ Raising awareness of non-formal education,

+ Promoting volunteerism and its importance both for volunteers and for society,

+ Promoting active citizenship among young people,

+ Promoting other cultures and countries,

+ Increasing multicultural sensitivity,

+ Creating a space for discussion on important issues, especially on global issues and the European Union,

+ Encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences, mutual understanding and equal rights and opportunities among young people.

Our NGO provides an opportunity for young people to participate in international seminars, training sessions and workshops, which represent the perfect opportunity for young people to learn new things.

The official website of the organization is www.mladiinfo.me where you can find information about the various activities and projects implemented by NGOs Mladiinfo Montenegro.