Become a local investigative journalist

Are you interested in journalism, you are from Niksic and you want to fight corruption and crime in your community? The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro offers you the opportunity to be part of the project “Raise your voice against irregularities” and learn more about what corruption and crime are, where they are present and in what forms, but also how to investigate suspicious activities of local authorities and institutions.

We offer you participation in two three-day trainings where the lecturers will be experienced researchers and journalists. In addition, we will give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in practice and work for two months for the portal During that time, with the help of a mentor, you will work on research stories, with financial compensation. In order to be a part of this project, you need to send your biography, as well as topics that you would like to research to the email, no later than October 22, 2020.

This project is supported by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime through the Resilience Fund.

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