“City Re:Invented” Opened in the Art Gallery

A representative of Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the exhibition “City Re:Invented”, which depicts the contemporary city Lodz.

It serves to promote the city’s public space which is suitable for hosting the world fair EXPO in 2022, which is organized by the Embassy of Poland. The exhibition was opened in the Art Gallery on April 3rd in Podgorica.

Ambassador of Poland, Irena Tatažinjska, opened the exhibition at which she spoke about Lodz, its uniqueness, as well as the things that set it apart from other Polish cities.

“This sort of spectacular development tempo which the city went through in the 19th and 20th century is why Lodz now takes pride in its architecture”, said Tatažinjska.

A couple of dozen villas, 3,800 stone houses, 27 castles, and 200 factories are just a small part of the rich heritage which was a result of the industrial boom in the city, she explained.

The city is now recovering thanks to the people who noticed the details in the facades of stone buildings, and those who believed that the city could again be great. Lodz is the best candidate for hosting the international event EXPO 2022 exhibition. It is running against Minneapolis in the United States of America, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and Buenos Aires in Argentina. The results of the competition will be announced in November this year.

One of the partners of the Polish Embassy in Montenegro is the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, and the Dean Svetislav Popović spoke to and welcomed attendants.

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