Dunja in Sarajevo

Experience: Dunja Šestović

“In the period from January 21-24, 2022. I had the opportunity to be a participant in a seminar that took place in Sarajevo, as part of the “SLAM – Structured Learning for Awareness in Media” project.

Apart from the knowledge and experience I gained, I will also remember this seminar for the new friends I made. In addition to good energy and unforgettable moments, I bring with me to Podgorica numerous knowledge and skills about using mass media. The workshops and the organization itself were such that we had a chance to learn and develop ideas through fun and interesting exercises. We had the opportunity to see how  the same problem of fake news, within the topic of migrants and refugees, is presented through the media in different countries. In teams, which changed after each exercise and task, we developed ideas on how to draw attention to the problem of media literacy. We considered what makes an obstacle in the recognition and debunking of fake news. In the national teams, we dealt with the question of how best to present the solution and activities to solve this problem in our country.

After the activity, we had enough time to discover the charms of Sarajevo. Snow, gastronomy, architecture made the experience even more complete.

I am really grateful to Mladiinfo Montenegro and I invite all young people to make the most of an opportunity generously provided by this organization.”