Join the m!M volunteer team in Nikšić

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is announcing a competition for the admission of new volunteers from Nikšić. If you are between 15 and 30 years old, you are an ambitious and motivated person, volunteering in the m! M team is the right opportunity for you. By helping others, participating in numerous actions and seminars, you will broaden your horizons, gain new experiences and leadership skills.

Social engagement in organizations or volunteering is an important factor that can set you apart from other people and give you a special advantage. As part of our team, you will enrich your CV and secure a promising future.
NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro was founded on 30.03.2011. in Podgorica. The main goal of the organization is to improve the position of young people, informing, promoting volunteerism and active participation in society, as well as raising public awareness of issues and problems concerning young people. Mladiinfo Montenegro provides an opportunity for young people to participate in international seminars, trainings and workshops, which is a perfect opportunity for young people.
The volunteer service of the organization has 60 volunteers and we hope that you, to the mutual satisfaction, will become a part of it.
You need to fill in the admission form and send a motivation letter and CV to the e-mail address: volonteri@mladiinfo.me, helping others you will be one step closer to realizing your dreams.

The application deadline is February 17, 2021. years.

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