m!M at kick-off meeting in Poland

Between 12th and 18th of February yet another project cofunded by Erasmus+ program was held in Murza Sichle (Zakopane), Poland. It was a kick-off meeting intended for youth networking, in this case from 6 countries around Europe. Youth Workers Alliance is the project organizer, an NGO from Vranje, Serbia. The primary goal was discussing and finding ways on how to provide better access to media tools for the youth in need and with fewer opportunities.

The countries involved in this project were: Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Poland and Serbia, with three participants from each country, representing their sending organizations, in the order as follows: Youth 4 Society, Youth Council Next Generation, Media Terranea, Mladiinfo Montenegro, Just Do It, Youth Workers Alliance.

During this project members from the NGO’s of the participating countries came together to identify the problem the youth in need has, discuss those issues and find solutions, all the while inter-connecting through practical informal learning and experience exchanging. This project was and is the first in the series of three – all with the intention to create a platform which will offer better opportunities for those who don’t have it yet.

The next two gatherings are to be held in Vranje, Serbia and Paralia, Greece, in a form of practical trainings for the partners organizations, aiming to learn more about most important media tools identified at the first meeting, and to design a tool kit for the youth, with focus on people with less opportunities, that will be distributed throughout the network created by participants of this project.

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