m! M at the Annual Conference of Young Roma

Young Roma presented at the Annual Conference of the results achieved in 2018. The conference was held on in Podgorica in 27. December 2018 and the same was attended by representatives of organizations “Mladiinfo Montenegro”.


The conference was opened and the audience was addressed by the Executive Director of the organization Samir Jaha, who pointed out that the organization, had a lot of organized activities within projects and that they were in this year worked to strengthen the capacity of the organization.


“All our projects are focused on the empowerment of the Roma community. I would say that we have for six years been able to contribute to it in some way strengthen capacities primarily people from the community and then to mobilize as many people and organizations with the aim to jointly implement reforms. I would point out that it is slowly becoming strategic partner institutions with the intention to work together on confidence and improving people from our community, “said Jaha in his speech.


Program ROMACTED – Promoting good governance and the empowerment of Roma at the local level is a joint program of the European Commission (DG NEAR) and the Council of Europe. ROMACTED Program is being implemented in the Western Balkans (Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia) and Turkey in more than 60 municipalities. In Montenegro, the program included in Berane, Bijelo Polje, Nikšić, Podgorica, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Bar and Ulcinj. The program started with the implementation of the 5th of April and will last 25 months.




“ROMACTED – Promoting good governance and the empowerment of Roma at the local level, with the aim of co-operation, with representatives of local governments, as well as with members of the Roma community. The program is aimed to strengthen the capacities and interests of the local government to deal with the issue of Roma inclusion, on the other hand also want to strengthen the capacities of members of the Roma community to adequately express their needs and point to those issues which they consider important to work out, “he said Esmir Imeri is the coordinator of the program.


United we can do more – Voices of students, support workers! “Is a project whose implementation began on 1 May 2018 and will last until 31 December 2019. It is supported by the European Union through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). This has been implemented in seven municipalities in Montenegro: Podgorica, Nikšić, Cetinje, Kotor, Budva, Ulcinj and Herceg Novi. “Support the protection of social, economic and political rights of Roma and the majority population in Montenegro through capacity building and trade union activity,” said Tina Jočić program coordinator.


The Project ‘joint initiative to strengthen Roma civil sector in the Western Balkans and Turkey’, which is in the third year of implementation, with the aim of establishing a constructive and systematic dialogue between local and national authorities and the (pro) Roma NGOs, in order to improve integration policies Roma, social inclusion, combating discrimination, inter-ethnic dialogue, socio-economic development and civil rights, are assigned mini grants to support the employment of the Roma population.


“Dedicated two mini – grant funding for the project to support employment and legalization of objects (in Bijelo Polje and Podgorica) in the amount of 6 thousand EUR. Project activities of the Club of Culture in Bijelo Polje, including employment of one Roma assistant in education for a period of 5 months, the cooperation with the Roma community, employers and local authorities in order to establish dialogue between employers and unemployed Roma / Roma women at the local level. NGO “Phiren Amenca” from Podgorica has provided support to the Roma community in the process of legalization of illegally constructed buildings for 70 families, “said Natalija Milović program coordinator.


Representatives of the Roma coalition of non-governmental organizations, as well as young activists of the Roma population have attended to conference.

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