m!M at the conference on the completion of the Twining project

Representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the conference, presenting the purpose of the project to strengthen the administrative and operational capacity of the tax administration of compliance with the EU and the needs indicated in the charter of 16, held at the EU Info Center in Podgorica on June 20, 2019 .

The conference was attended by Darko Radunović, Minister of Finance, Ambassador Aivo Orav, EU Representative to Montenegro, Havier Alvarez, Spanish Embassy Advisor, Director of Tax Administration Miomir M. Mugosa, Hesus Gskon Director of Tax Administration in Spain, Sonsoles Mories Alvarez – FIIAPP Director, Juan Hose Ferandez Sanchez, project leader from the member state and Andjelko Jovanovic, project leader from the beneficiary country.

Darko Radunović, Minister of Finance pointed out that the project aims to improve the capacity and strengthen the overall fiscal system, meeting the criteria from the accession process to EU accession.

Ambassador, Aivo Orav, pointed out that the project will bring tax compliance and more efficient collection of revenues in the interest of the citizens of Montenegro.

“The goal of the project is to strengthen the administrative capacity of the tax administration in accordance with the EU and the requirements stated in the charter. 16. Taxation through four components: legislation, training, automatic exchange of information”, said the director of Tax Administration Miomir M. Mugoša.

Huan Hose Fernandez Sanchez, the project leader from the member states, outlined the plan of realization of this project and harmonization of the legal framework in the area of ​​excise tax, establishing a modern and efficient employee training system, project activities, mission seminars, meetings, training workshops, project development, laws and working methods for electronic courses.

“All results have been achieved,” said Anđelko Jovanović.

The project “Support to Tax Administration” is the first twinning project implemented in the Tax Administration of Montenegro worth one million euros, with the EU contribution of  900,000.00 €, while the Government of Montenegro co-financed the amount of 100,000.00 €.

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