m! M at the conference “The results of research on consumer rights of disabled persons in Montenegro”

Representative m! M attended the conference entitled “The results of research on consumer rights of persons with disabilities in Montenegro”, where it was concluded that the need is greater awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities consumption. 
The conference was opened by Jasna Bozovic, project assistant, Association of the Blind of Montenegro, which is present introduced at the very objective of the project and that is: to contribute to the future consolidation of fundamental rights and greater social inclusion of people with disabilities, the realization of the goals and results of the project will improve the functioning of the internal market for better access to goods and services for people with disabilities. The project is financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

Pavle Pavlovic presented research on consumers to persons with disabilities, the working methodology based on labor survey methods and group discussions. On the occasion of creating questionnaires they were led by quality criteria, and have formed the focus of a smaller group of five members consisting of representatives of NGOs and institutions where they get the necessary information and suggestions in which direction should perform research and data collection., that was realized in the period from 04.08.2019. to 05.10.2019. the examination in person. A total of 53.1 percent of respondents were male while 46.9 percent were female. In relation to the representation of the regions led to results in 2011. In relation to representation by municipalities most respondents from Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, Berane and Bar in the total sample of 177 of respondents represented 16 municipalities. The average income and spending habits respondent: to 250 euros 31,1 percent, up to 350 percent of which 30,5, 350-400 euros has a 15.6 per cent Euro 450-550 there are 7, 3, 551-650 euros per cent has 6.2 percent above 650 EUR 5.6 prcent. Suggestions for disabled persons are:

– Explore modalities for a more efficient visibility of product than removing barriers to trade, expand the list of products and their availability on the markets, which relate to the use of products labeled in Braille, the investigation of the quality of life of people with disabilities in relation to income levels, increase the frequency of payment of monthly household expenses, detailed monitoring of the media to examine the level of violations of the rights of persons with disabilities, education of journalists reporting on the contents related to persons with disabilities, organized educative workshops of disabled persons on their rights with a special focus on consumer rights.
Jovo Rabrenović Director of the Directorate for Development of National Brand and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Economy said that the law is interpreted so that all products must be labeled in Braille which was the alleged barrier to business and gain access to its amendments. Amendments to the Law of 01.08.2015. in Article 7, paragraph 5, states that the law is interpreted so that all products must be labeled in Braille as prescribed by the state authority responsible for consumer protection. Given the new policy, which is based on the manufacturer. Rules define two products which must be marked with Braille. Products include: personal hygiene and hygiene area.

Goran Macanović, executive director of the Association of the Blind of Montenegro, said that there are many obstacles when they find themselves in the role of consumers: supermarkets are not adapted for independent movement of persons with disabilities with severe visual impairment, atm, the devices are inadequate height regulations do not exist. 

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