m! M at the presentation of the report of the Human Rights and Freedoms “Children and addictive diseases in Montenegro”

“The results showed that more or less frequently, over 37% of the students used alcohol every fourth goes into betting, but more than one in five used cigarettes,” warned Mijušković, the data are extremely alarming. 

He also added that risky behaviors period starts from sixth grade base and to last until the second year of high school. Also that 25% of students expressed the view that drugs do, if we want to get, you need half an hour to several hours, which is an indication of high level of access. 

The Office for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms (Ombudsman) presented a report on “Children and addictive diseases in Montenegro”. The event was held in the hotel “Podgorica” on 04 July 2019, starting at 11.00.

The report was presented by the Deputy Ombudsman, Snežana Mijušković, who presented the publication “Children and addictive diseases in Montenegro”. 

At the beginning of his presentation by thanking you all for your presence and what this topic is recognized as extremely important, gjde has shown that journalists are extremely important factor and contributor to this topic.

“We decided to tackle the issue for several reasons, the issue of children’s health is something that is very important, which is very important for the development of every child, and of course also for society as a whole. First of all growing up and forming personality, in front of children is today a large number of challenges and we just wanted to see what it’s availability and how these challenges are widespread in Montenegro, as well as what they are all mechanisms that should society take to they reduce to the lowest possible level, “said Mijušković.

The content of the publication is clear, it consists of an introduction, the legal framework of the research results, the key analytical findings and recommendations, she added. 

“Addiction is a disease and should be treated like any other disease. Dependence can have many faces – drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, drugs, food, internet, shopping, and can affect anyone. dependency can be devastating effect not only on the body but also the soul, social life and financial situation, “said Mijušković. 

The aim of this study was to determine the degree of frequency of use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs at primary and secondary school, as well as the availability of psychoactive substances. Measured by the degree to which students participate in games of chance, including visits to betting and gambling on the Internet.

Specific objectives of the said Mijušković are establishing patterns of behavior that can potentially act as a generator of undesirable behavior of pupils, establishing certain character personalities and attitudes of students, and to determine how students spend their free time. 

“The survey was conducted the survey method (questionnaire), the analytical unit to cause – primary and secondary schools, and that the study included a total of 1000 patients, of which 342 respondents from 37 primary and 658 respondents from 25 secondary schools.”

The most alarming municipalities in all parameters Niksic, where the use and availability of all forms depending on the highest level possible. 

At the end of the presentation, Mijušković put forward a number of facts on key analytical findings of the research, but also bring forth a set of the recommendations of all relevant institutions in order to suppress this problem as soon as possible.

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