m! M at the webinar "Visible Violence: Attitudes Toward Women on the Internet"

m! M at the webinar “Visible Violence: Attitudes Toward Women on the Internet”

The representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is on February 23, 2021. attended a webinar on “Visible Violence: Attitudes Toward Women on the Internet”, organized by the Media Institute of Montenegro (IMCG).

The reason for the conversation was the worrying growth of offensive speech on the Internet, and especially on social networks and in the comments of online media. It is particularly worrying that insults against the physical appearance, marital status and private life of women engaged in public affairs have been observed in the established online media in Montenegro, which have a significant audience and influence on public opinion.
Journalist Dušanka Pejović spoke on this topic, giving an example from her personal life, then Milica Bogdanović, researcher and program coordinator at IMCG. She talked about different types of hatred on the Internet, as well as about women, who are especially targeted. Masha Elezovic, a civil activist, said that one should criticize constructively, not immutable things but attitudes. She especially emphasized the importance of media literacy, especially among the younger generations. Panelist and lawyer Nevena Krivokapić spoke from the legal aspect about protection mechanisms, as one of the solutions for suppressing offensive and hate speech in the media and on social networks.
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