m! M delivered aid to the Dibrani family

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro visited the Dibrani family from Berane and presented aid donations that were collected as part of an action organized over the past 20 days.

Aid in the form of clothing and footwear for this thirteen-member family was collected until 7 August 2019 as well as 12 August 2019 during the occasion of the International Youth Day.

Members of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro also participated in the action and collected clothes, shoes, groceries and chemistry.

A large number of Beran citizens and members of the organization itself responded.
Donations were collected on the premises of the Youth Club as well as on street of Mojsije Zečević.
Mirsad and Seljo with their families live in the same yard but in separate rooms. This family lives in two rooms and difficult living conditions without electricity, and until recently they had major problems with water.

Mirsad Dibrani (36) with his wife Valentin (36) has six children. The oldest son is 14 years old while the youngest is two years old. His brother Seljo, 34, with his wife Daniel, 21, has three children of four years, two years and a daughter of 11 months. These brothers live in very difficult conditions, and the biggest problem is that none of them have any documents, have no health records, are not educated, and their children do not go to school. The rooms they live in are in very poor condition. Although Mirsad, as an older brother, tried to do some insulation that the walls were of little help to them. As they say, they have had big problems with water and have no electricity. An aggravating circumstance is that Mirsad has a small child with polio, but they do not know more about the disease because they do not have the necessary documents to go to a specialist pediatrician. They have no material income, the only help they have is donations from the Berane Red Cross. They have no rights without a single document, so they say they only do physical jobs to feed the family.

On this occasion, m! M calls on all humane citizens to do good deeds and when they are able to visit the family and donate food and chemistry according to their capabilities.

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