Uroš Milošević i Jelana Maraš - Startup 2019 - m!M 1

m! M presented mobile applications Klik Podgorica and m!M prilike za mlade

Representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the Montenegrin Startup School 2019 and on this occasion presented to the young people, future IT’s, the applications Klik Podgorica and the Prilike za mlade as well as the work of the organization itself.

“Click Podgorica” ​​is an application created as a result of a project implemented in partnership with the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, the capital of Podgorica and the company Lasso studio and supported by the Telenor Foundation.

On this occasion, the assembled youth had the opportunity to hear more information about the work of the organization itself and some of the opportunities for the current youth, but also about entrepreneurship, experience from hackathons, and about the process of work and research before moving to realization and coding.

The m!M Prilike za mlade app is unique in that it offers easily searchable information for trainings, educations, internships, scholarships and more.

The app Klik Podgorica is a kind of guide through the capital city of Montenegro.

The young people had the opportunity to hear firsthand how the hackathon process itself is going, as well as what each conceptual solution should possess, all through a practical example of the applications presented.

What is particularly commendable are the many questions that young people have asked themselves at the end of the presentation.

The goal of Montenegrin Summer Startup School 2019, sponsored by the University of Montenegro and the Ministry of Science, is to introduce students to the concept of startup and how to turn it into a successful business. The experts had the opportunity to find out how they turned their dreams into successful companies.

Every day during the school, students participated in contests for attractive prizes through creative workshops.

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