dobitnici nagrada takmičenja, evropo čujemo li se

m! M to award prizes to winners of the competition “Europe, do we hear”

The General Secretariat of the Government has announced a call for students of the Montenegrin primary and secondary schools on the occasion of marking the Day of Europe. In this way the interested principals and high school students are given the opportunity, in the way that they are most receptive, to show what their peers in Europe need to know about Montenegro, what message can we send them and which is the place of Montenegro in Europe. Students were free to choose the way they want to express themselves, whether through art or sculpture, literary work, song, composition, video, photography, animation, visual or some kind of artistic form.

Approximately 900 works were brought to the contest through which students through various art forms – photography, painting, literary and sculptural work – showed what their peers in Europe should know about Montenegro and what is the place of Montenegro in Europe. The jury, who the academic painter Teodora Nikčević and writer Milisav Popović, as well as the representatives of the project team, selected three best works (six to three in the category of primary and secondary school students), whose authors were awarded a laptop, tablet and smart watch.

Authors of the best works are: Primary School I place – Veljko Crvenica, seventh grade, Milorad Musa Burzan Elementary School, PodgoricaII place – Nikolina Krasić, ninth grade PS Pavle Rovinski, PodgoricaIII place – Andrea Vukčević, ninth grade, Vuk Karadžić Elementary School, PodgoricaSchool I place – Evgenija Kesse, fourth grade, SSŠ Ivan Goran KovačićII place – Polina Lazarenko, first grade, SLŠ Petar LubardaIII place – Borko Popović, first grade, SLŠ Petar LubardaNagrade was presented to the authors of the best works by the main negotiator Aleksandar Drljević, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, Aivo Orav and Permanent Representative of UNDP in Montenegro Daniela Gasparikova. The competition for pupils of Montenegrin primary and secondary schools was called for the celebration of Europe Day and is part of the EU4ME project funded by the European Union, and implemented by UNDP.

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