Memorandum of Cooperation between the ETF and EPCG signed

On Monday, 28th October at the premises of the deans office of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF), a memorandum of cooperation between the ETF and the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) was signed. The signing of the memorandum was attended by a representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

At the very beginning of the event, the dean of the ETF Sasa Mujovic addressed the audience, and expressed satisfaction that the Executive Director of the EPCG contributed to science and that the signing of the memorandum would contribute to an even better cooperation between the ETF and the EPCG.

“I would like to greet you, to welcome you to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and to say that it is a great pleasure for me today to have the opportunity to sign a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with the most important national company, Elektroprivreda, and who is beside me today. Igor Noveljic, CEO of Elektroprivreda, with whose arrival, I would say, to the head of Elektroprivreda, some things are changing positively in favor of favoring and developing science, that is, the readiness of our most important national company to invest in science, and I would say in future generations as well”, said ETF Dean Sasa Mujovic.

“I am pleased and very glad to be here today with my colleagues at Elektroprivreda on maintaining this cooperation in the future. As you said a little while ago, my job is based on people, the Electricity Industry rests on people who were educated at the University of Montenegro, and especially at the ETF. It seems perfectly natural for us to do as much as we can to help such an institution. I believe this is only the beginning and that we will have various modalities of our cooperation to our mutual satisfaction ”; EPCG Executive Director Igor Noveljic replied.

After the introductory words, representatives of these two institutions started signing the memorandum.

The three most important items of the memorandum are: EPCG will fund the master’s tuition fees for one teaching associate at the ETF to be determined by the ETF; The EPCG will finance the cost of studies for one student from each ETF Master’s degree program who achieved the best grade point average during their undergraduate and specialist studies, enrolling in Master’s degrees in the 2019/2020 academic year. year;

The EPCG will award 500 euros cash prizes to one student with the best average during undergraduate studies from each of the ETF specialist study programs enrolled in specialist studies in the 2019/2020 academic year. The awards will be given on commemoration of the day of the ETF.

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