Mladiinfo Montenegro celebrated International Youth day

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro celebrated August 12 – International Youth Day, with a volunteer action of visual editing of public area.

The action was carried out by the members and volunteers of Mladiinfo Montenegro who, on the basis of a public competition for the production of graphite on the topic “ – shortcut for opportunities”, choosed the best conceptual solution by first crossing the surface of the wall near bookstore Karver and then drawing graphite.Young people who were interested in showing their skills and knowledge and working in graphite making participated in the competition.AleksandarMilakovićwon the first place, and was awarded the opportunity to participate in the exchange of ARTiCulture, which will be held from August 19 to 29 in Ulcinj.Participants will be taught by experienced lecturers on photography, video, comics, animation, and also tools for empowering communication skills in a visual language.The idea for  celebrating this day throughout the world as an international youth holiday was created in Vienna in 1991 at the first session of the First World Youth Forum. In organization of the UN, youth people then gathered with the desire to jointly better recognize and define the role of young people in strengthening the global society and to promote joint forces for ways to get involved more actively in the communities in which they come from.At the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth Issues in 1998 a resolution to declare 12 August International Youth Day in 1999 was accepted. This resolution was accepted by the UN General Assembly session. Thus, in 2000, the International Youth Day was officially celebrated for the first time.

By marking this day, M! M wants to draw attention to the need for young people to participate in improving their position, and to remind them that they represent an extremely important category of population and that their opinion is important.With this action, we wanted in a slightly different way to show what the current situation regarding youth in Montenegro is and how young people see us as an organization with the main goal of improving the position of youth through informing, educating, increasing employability and encouraging volunteerism and activism, As well as raising the awareness of the society about issues and problems concerning youth in Montenegro and contribution to their personal and professional development.On this day, when the World of Youth is celebrated all over the world, we want to emphasize that Montenegro has creative, curious, capable, valuable, intelligent young people, who should be given the opportunity to participate in the life of the community, to ask and be asked.We also use this opportunity to invite all young people to activate, not to wait, to seek, propose and to choose for themselves a better position in society and a better society.NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is always there for all young people to support them, help them and carry out activities and actions together with them.




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