mladiinfo at the nonviolent communication workshop

Mladiinfo Montenegro organized non violent communication workshops

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized three non-violent communication workshops, from February 19  to February 21. The lecturers were Aleksandra Terek and Aleksandar Bubanja, participants of the NVC training in Poland, which was held as part of the “3C: Connection, compassion, contact” project.

At the first workshop, the Erasmus+ program was presented, what it offers and who can apply. After that, Aleksandar and Aleksandra presented their experience from the Erasmus+ training in Poland. The participants got to know each other and learned what the NVC approach is and what will be covered during the other workshops.

The second workshop discussed empathy and active listening, as well as emotions and needs. The lecturers presented four important steps in NVC (non-violent communication), which are the key to good communication with people. After that, everyone met Giraffe and Jackal, two different ways to approach the conflict.

At the third workshop, the importance of getting to know one’s own needs and accepting regrets was emphasized. This was an interactive part of the workshop, where participants talked about their experiences and how they deal with regret. At the end, the lecturers presented four approaches to the situation and four ways of managing the conflict.