Group photo of the participants

Mladiinfo on seminar in Sarajevo

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the SLAM seminar in Sarajevo, held from 21 to January 24. The training is part of the SLAM project (Structured Learning for Awareness in Media), which includes seven partner organizations from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania,
Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Turkey.

Training is a part of Slam project which includes seven partnership organizations from Montenegro, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria and Turkey. The goal of the project is to  raise awareness and critical thinking among young people about inclusive society towards migrants and refugees.

During the second day, the participants of the seminar were introduced to the process of making social media campaign, so that during part of the second and third days they would work on designing and planning it themselves. The seminar ended with a discussion about the planned manual, which was followed by an award certificate. Considering that the participants are young people from 7 countries of the Western Balkans, part of the activities, including intercultural evening, is also dedicated to getting to know each other’s cultures, traditions and languages.

participants sharing ideas during seminar

participants sharing ideas during seminar