Mladiinfo on volunteering-Instagram live video

Jelena Uskokovic, the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro volunteer, talked in an Instagram Live about volunteering, its benefits and the experience she gained through volunteering. All of the young participants had a chance to get answers from Jelena, who brought them closer to and gave a clear picture of the impact volunteering could make on their lives, their development, future business, as well as on their future in general.

At the very beginning, she emphasized that she was happy about volunteering experience she gained through Mladiinfo Montenegro, because she was given an opportunity to help and do something for her community, as well as to bring up her own ideas. While answering to the questions, Uskokovic introduced young people to volunteering and all the benefits they could acquire. Some of the most frequent questions were: “Why is volunteering important?”, “How does volunteering influence young peoples’ development?”, “How will it shape our future?”, “Did you experience any negative effects while volunteering?”

Also, she mentioned the “Winter sports camp and healthy lifestyles” event, which was organized by the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, in which she participated as a volunteer. Not only did she talk about the positive experience she gained, but also invited and encouraged young people to join her.

She pointed out many workshops and activities that were organized at the beginning of the year, in which she had participated, as well.
At the end of the Live, she invited all young people willing to contribute to their communities to gain new skills and experiences, do the right thing and to start volunteering by filling out the organization’s questionnaire on volunteering, at:

If you would like to join our team and become a volunteer, please fill out the application form:…/1FAIpQLSeXCJfcgajLEnXofw…/viewform.

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