m!M at Fact checkers academy

Representatives of the NGO Mladiiinfo Montenegro attended the “Fact checkers academy” organized by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights from December 21 to 24 at the Voco Hotel in Podgorica. The project is supported by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

Božena Jelušić – MIL expert, Milan Jovanović – analyst of the Digital Forensic Center and prof. Dr. Miloš Bešić – the main methodologist of CEDEM.

Introductory speeches were given by CEDEM representatives Matija Miljanić and Marko Pejović.

The topic of the first session, given by Božena Jelušić, was “Analysis of discourse in order to fight against the stereotypical representation of people and social groups.”

Participants had the opportunity to notice stereotypes in society through group work.

The second session of Ms. Jelušić’s lecture was on the topic: “Tools and methods for deconstructing fake news and misinformation.”

On the second day of the academy, MIL expert Božena Jelušić also spoke about the influence of the media on the formation of public opinion, as well as the influence of education on the movement of social norms, standards and public opinion.

Digital Forensic Center analyst Milan Jovanović spoke about digital security in Montenegro as well as Montenegro in international law.

Through group work, participants had the opportunity to spot fake news from many portals, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Prof. Dr. Miloš Bešić addressed the participants through the Zoom platform and gave a lecture on the manipulation of statistical data.

The main goal of the academy was to enable participants to recognize and successfully deconstruct false information as well as to contribute to the fight against hybrid threats in Montenegro. The academy was attended by 17 young people, students of political science, journalism, law, security, future young leaders in society.

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