the photo shows the participants of the meeting

m!M at the final conference of the O’visor project

Representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the final meeting held in Luxembourg from October 7-10, 2022, as  part of the O’visor project, which is supported by the Europe for Citizens program.

As part of this project, a kick-off meeting was organized in October 2021, followed by a round table in Tirana in December of the same year. After that, the organizations in their countries announced a competition for the best photo, and the winnig ones were displayed at the photo exhibition in Greece, which was held in February 2022. A similar exhibition was organized in Sarajevo in April this year. In addition, debate competitions were organized in the partner countries, and the best teams represented their countries and organizations at the competition held in Sarajevo in June.

The last activity of the project was the final meeting in Luxembourg, where the results of the project were presented, as well as the Guide on the importance of the role of volunteers in society, which contains examples of good practices in crisis situations, experiences of volunteers, as well as various information about volunteering. At the meeting, the partners also presented local activities  they organized in their countries.