M!M at the round table aiming to help the unprivileged

Representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in a roundtable organized by the project team of the consortium WYG International, which is implementing the project “Cooperation Between the Employment Agency of Montenegro and Social Work Centers.”

The roundtable was held on March 29 in Podgorica, under the Operational Program “Human Resources Development 2012-2013,”, financed by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

The main beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

The overall objective of the project is “to improve the social inclusion of people with disabilities and RAE population”. The purpose of the project is “to increase employability and improve access to the labor market for people with disabilities and RE population.”

The project is part of broader efforts by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to modernize the services provided. It is designed to strengthen the capacity of the Employment Agency of Montenegro (ZZZ), the Center for Social Work (CSW) and other important subjects (eg. the grantee) in order to identify the services and solutions to problems regarding vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities and Roma and Egyptian populations (RE).

The facilitator of technical assistance project Vanja Hazle welcomed the guests and announced that the purpose of this meeting was to promote a very important activity of the project – cooperation between all partners dealing with vulnerable target groups and groups in disadvantaged situations in the labor market, in order to improve their integration into society, particularly in the labor market.

She stressed that social activation, the topic of the project, is important to every member of society, and each organization plays a role.

“Our project of cooperation between the Employment Service and social welfare centers, projects funded from the program (IPA), we have pre-accessable assistance to Montenegro and we have technical support to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare,” said Hazle.

Goran Milosevic comes from the non-governmental sector in Slovenia. He presented his country and said he was coming from the North Eastern region, which is quite undeveloped. Milosevic talked about his country through the presentation.

At the end of the meeting Hazle added that within the IPA Component IV project “Cooperation between the Employment Agency of Montenegro and Social Work Centers” is designed with the intention that persons with disabilities and RE population increase employment and improve access to the labor market. The project started in December 2015 and will last 18 months.

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