m!M at the round table on fiscalization

The non-governmental organization Mladiinfo Montenegro took part in a round table entitled “Implementation of the Law on Fiscalization in Trade of Products and Services”. The Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Tax Administration, organized a round table with the aim of informing Montenegrin businessmen about the law.

The Law on Fiscalization in the Trade of Products and Services has created normative preconditions for the implementation of the electronic fiscalization project, the implementation of which will, from January 1, 2021 enable automatic transfer of data on turnover from toll devices and taxpayers’ accounting systems directly to the server, ie. to Tax Administration database. The e-fiscalization project aims to fight the gray economy more efficiently, monitor the regularity of taxpayers’ business, establish a greater degree of compliance with tax regulations, but also modernize the way the state administration communicates with the economy in accordance with technological development and business process automation trends.

The main problem that businessmen face is finding or creating the right software model that will be compatible with this law. It takes time to apply such a model, and bearing in mind that the law would enter into force on January 1, 2021, there was a debate about the possibility of businessmen to meet all the requirements.

Another problem that came to attention was the posting of individual and summary accounts.

In order to adapt as easily as possible to the new law, an open testing system in which businessmen will have the opportunity to work and get acquainted with the processes in it.

A couple of initiatives have been sent to the parliament to postpone the law, while waiting for an answer, businessmen are left to use test systems and prepare as well as possible for the digitalization that follows.

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