m!M at the training “Digital Media Skills for Inclusion”

Representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the training “Digital Media Skills for Inclusion”, which took place in Kemer, Turkey, from November 1st till November 9th, 2021.

The aim of the project was to develop the skills of critical thinking of young people and raise the level of capacity of organizations in the field of new media literacy, contribute to a better quality of life of young people and develop a more inclusive, tolerant, peaceful society.

The training was attended by young people from Montenegro, Georgia, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Moldova and Kosovo.

The first day was reserved for the arrival of participants. On the second day, the program was focused on presenting the project and project’ participants. So, the participants presented their expectations and wishes related to the project. On the second day, the presentation of the representative countries began, so all participants were given the opportunity to learn something new about other cultures and traditions. The third day was set aside for workshops. In line with the Erasmus + program of objectives, this training was designed to prevent violent radicalization of young people, as well as to touch young people with fewer opportunities, such as minorities, people living in less developed rural regions, LGBTQ + population, migrants and directly or indirectly through youth workers working with these groups. The workshops were dedicated to the mentioned topics, and each of the participants primarily gave examples of events and people that happened and that come from the country where the project participants come from. The fourth day was also dedicated to workshops, and participants had an intercultural evening after the workshops, where certain countries were introduced. The fifth and sixth days were spent by the participants participating in the workshops. The workshops were followed by the second part of the intercultural dinner, where other countries participating in the project were presented. The seventh day was free. Most of the participants used their free time by visiting the beach or walking through the beautiful streets of the city of Kemer. The eighth day was dedicated to the award of the Youthpass certificate. Participants shared their experiences and in the end, each of the participants was given the opportunity to express their opinion about the project, the expectations they had and the expectations that were met at the end of the project. The Erasmus + program was also presented.