m!M at the workshop in Graz

The representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M), on 29.04.2023, participated in the workshop “Hi!ke! – Share Your Idea: Create a Change” which was held in Graz, Austria, as part of the “Media for Citizens Story Lab” project.

The activity included an educational walk through Graz, during which media and the political situation in Austria and in the countries from which the participants come were discussed. The walk began with a visit to the Volksgarten park (People’s garden). At this location, the participants got acquainted with the situation in Graz and media coverage. The second location was the Kunsthaus Museum of Modern Art. The participants had the opportunity to visit Schlossberg (Castle on the Rock), and finally Radio Helsinki and Café Kaiserfeld.

During the walk, various topics were discussed, such as media reporting on environmental protection, the way of writing about migrants and refugees, architecture and the importance of the buildings visited. At the end of the tour, a joint lunch was organized for the participants.

The “Media for Citizens Story Lab” project aims to establish and maintain a network that facilitates citizen and engaged journalism in Europe, and was financed through the Europe for Citizens program.

As part of this project, the workshop “Mediastorm” was held in Antaliepte, Lithuania, as well as the strategic planning workshop “New Spark to Journalism” in the same city. The workshop in Graz was one of the local activities, and there will be more in May and June. Two international activities are also planned in Trnava and Vienna.