m!M at training Media moving forward in Salzburg

Representatives of m!M attended training Media moving forward: Reporting on and Using New Tecchnologies which lasted from the 9th to the 15th of July in Salzburg.

The aim of the training was to gather 45 young people from eight countries and to point out the importance of digitalization and appropriate usage of media through many various workshops and lectures. Participants at this training learned how to report about mobile applications and digital technologies, but they also have learned how to use new technologies in media.

 Through work and fun participants from Montenegro had the opportunity to meet 12 developers from Austria, Poland, Romania and Macedonia as well as their applications. By working on these applications participants improved their skills, but they also had chance to express their opinions and to give certain advice. 

At the second day started an intensive work, and all who were present had the opportunity to discuss about media challenges and freedom, as well as about process of transition from traditional to modern, digital ones. At the third day after presenting applications, four journalists from the group had chance to follow work of IT workers, to do an interview with them and to write the articles about applications.
One of the lectures was refered on media eligibility, which is important in contemporary, digital period. Participants also had the opportunity to visit pressroom of one of the most famous daily newspapers in Salzburg, Salzburger nachrichten, where they were acquainted with the way of newspapers printing.

Speakers at training were Martin Maska and Mariell Raisma, representatives of European Youth Press and Amir Zonić from ONAuBiH and they talked about useful topics. Their presentations, how to do an interview properly, development of media through history, opportunities in media nowaday, were interesting and interactive.
Of course that participants had not only worked, they also had the opportunity to see many interesting monuments like castle Hellburn or magnificient fountains.

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