m!M at training on social entrepreneurship in Durres

Representatives from NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, participated in social entrepreneurship training, which took place in Durres, Albania.

The training lasted from 10th to 18th February 2018 and is part of the Social Entrepreneurship: ‘’Take a step forward project’’. Participation was taken by 25 young people from 9 countries. The delegation of Montenegro was represented by: Hajdana Tadic, Sasa Mijatovic and Aleksandar Lukovic.

The aim of the project was to raise the awareness of youth organizations and youth about the importance of social entrepreneurship as a new sector in the Western Balkans, but also in other European countries. Special emphasis is placed on developing entrepreneurial competences of young people, increasing the knowledge of participants in the field of social entrepreneurship, who will then be able to actively engage in their community and work to reduce youth unemployment.

The realization of the training was provided with the financial support of the EU, and it was implemented by the Center for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship from Sarajevo, within the Erasmus + program. The project was attended by young people from: Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. At the very beginning, the participants met through Designed Names and Getting to know each other games, and then through interactive workshops they had the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions on the problems that young people face, with the emphasis on what are similarities and what the differences are.

The workshops were conceived as a form of informal education and were followed by various games and energy players, allowing participants to maintain concentration and at the same time to relax and work in a pleasant atmosphere.

Also, each participating country had the opportunity to display the culture of its country, traditional food, games and music through the intercultural evening.

The participants were then able to learn about start-up and lean start-up, about bootstrap, crowdfunding, how to realize their idea, where to find funds and sponsors, how to sell their idea, participate in teamwork and through it understand how much the contribution of the people you work with is really important so that your idea becomes successful. Significant were also Skype meetings with real entrepreneurs who were willing to share their experiences and practical tips, education on how to apply for Erasmus scholarships, exchange of useful sites, platforms and tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Mention which are necessary for the realization of entrepreneurial ideas .

Representatives from different countries also had the opportunity to present their organization and its work, to get acquainted with different cultures, enjoy socializing, parties, one-day excursion in Tirana, beach activities.

The most important lesson of the project is that we all learn from each other, the trainers and the project managers themselves, and we decide how far we want to go.


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