m!M at youth exchange in Slovakia

Representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro have been guests at youth exchange in Košice in Slovakia. The topic of this youth exchange was Stay informed. Take your chance. and lasted from the 8th to the 15th August 2018.

The first work day was reserved for introducing through games which had for aim quicker and easier memorizing names of the participants. The second day was reserved for sessions at which participants got introduced in better way. At the same day participants were acquainted with the aims of youth exchange. After that participants had an opportunity to share their fears, expectations and opinions about that in which way they can contribute to this youth exchange.They also established certain rules which represented an obligation for all participants during exchange.
Young people were acquainted with term competence, as well as which eight competences are recognized in EU.

Through following activities participants found out that there are many sort of studying, they have done tests and discovered what type of studying describes them the best. Tour around Community Garden on the third day of youth exchange was first session for that day. Inhabitants of that neighbourhood are mainly students, children and the older ones who breed the garden and all herbs, vegetables and fruits inside of it. During that day participants had an opportunity to meet another group of young people also at youth exchange and their topic was religious tolerance. They met them, and that was an opportunity to represent their NGO on the best way. Participants helped in gathering of aronia and maintaining of the garden. After that they visited cultural and historical landscapes of urban part of Košice and they were headed by local tour guide.

At the first intercultural night representatives of Slovakia and Greece represented features of their culture. On the next day was held session about youth activation and difficulties and obstacles they meet with, like looking for a job, using social networks in a proper way, how to fight with false news and etc.
Next session was related for volunteering, what it means, which benefits can acquire volunteers and their experiences. One of the session was refexion and the task was for all participants to write a book about themselves with the assistance of trainer, during that activity they recalled important moments in their lives.
At the second intercultural night participants from Montenegro and Italy represented their cultures.Montenegrin participants represented our natural beauties, and all present participants had an opportunity to try Montenegrin smoked ham, dry figs, candies and homemade patišpanj. During presentation our representatives learned other colleagues basic things from Montenegrin language and national dances which gladden them.
At the fifth day, by usage of concept Role Play, participants were in charged for simulation of job interview for unusual jobs like for holder of sunshade or to nominate clouds.
Next session was dedicated to writing of CV. Participants are acquainted with EuroPass form and how to fill it. After that participants were divided in a few groups and they discussed about the challenges they have met with during process of filling CV. They had an opportunity to try themselves in mountaineering and to see town from the viewpoint.
During night hours at intercultural night Poland and Spain represented their culture and characteristics.

Following day was dedicated to division of participants into groups and their main task was to make some content and task related with this youth exchange, in the meantime they visited lake. After this daily activities, participants represented their video clips, letters and etc.
At the penultimate day first session was related for writing of motivation letter. After that participants had divided into groups and they wrote motivation letter for EVS project, job, youth exchange etc.
Next session was related for Youth Pass and how to write competences in this form which they acquired during this exchange, and also about evaluation and reflexion of participants during usage of Dexit cards.
At the and was held Youth Pass ceremony where participants gratituded and handed certificates to each other. Finally, last day was reserved for return of participants in their own countries.

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