m!M attended first workshop of NGO “Volunteers 2019”

NGO “Volunteers 2019” have organized first workshop on volunteerism in premises of University-sport cultural center in Podgorica in 29. December 2018. At the workshop volunteers of NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” attended and shared their experiences and made a short brief on actions in which we participated by now.

Goal of this workshop was to provide clear picture about volunteering, what benefits of volunteerism have individuals and entire society. Volunteers discussed with members of their teams, through various assignments, about value of volunteerism, motives of volunteering, what is their first association with word volunteerism, from negative comments on volunteerism like it is a work “for free” to countless positive comments, also they had a chance to suggest their own ideas about some kind of volunteer action that could be conducted in Montenegro.

NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” will provide assistance to its volunteers in Games of small countries which will organized in Montenegro in 2019.

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