O`VISOR photo exhibition in Sarajevo, photo

m!M attended the O`VISOR photo exhibition in Sarajevo

The coordinators of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) attended the photo exhibition “Hold Your Hand to Others” in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the course of two days, pictures were shown that were photographed all over Europe and on which you can see various disasters that have befallen all the surrounding countries, but also how volunteers help to reduce this damage.

The main goal of the O’visor project is to improve relations with the EU in establishing and recognizing cross-border volunteerism, and for this reason the theme of this photo exhibition is based on that goal. Each partner organization had open applications for photos and illustrations on the topic of volunteer solidarity in crisis situations. Out of all the photos, 80 were chosen, best fitting the theme.

The first day of the photo exhibition (O’visor) “Only what you give is yours”, “Hold Your Hand to Others” was held on Saturday, April 23 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the premises of the “Source of Hope” Foundation. Since Saturday was the first day of the Photo Exhibition, only half of the selected photos (40) were shown. Prior to the photo exhibition, members from each partner organization met to review the agenda, review dissemination protocols, and discuss upcoming events.

Director of the BRAVO organization, Ismail Šehić, presented the organization and the O’visor project. After the introduction, the participants shared stories about the work they do in their daily lives. Delila Bajrić from the “Source of Hope” Foundation shared information about the foundation and the great work they do. Arnej Mirsilić, photographer and videographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, shared his experiences about photography and  what it represents for him. After that, two speakers from the Mountain Rescue Service spoke about the work they do when it comes to saving people’s lives in crisis situations. Finally, Mirela Mujović, an officer of the border police, spoke about the International Police Association and the work they do.

On Sunday, the second day of the photo exhibition was held in Homework Hub Sarajevo, a space for cooperation and co-working. The first lecturer was Ruvejda Dizdarević from the Association “Center for Humanitarian Diplomacy” (CHD) Sarajevo. Ruvejda presented the work that CHD does with migrants and refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina and showed various photos. After her, Ibrahim Mala, co-founder of CHD, showed moving photos and campaigns he worked on with the Red Cross in various countries such as Ecuador and recently, Ukraine. Humanitarian photos are necessary in our world and the impact of this type of photos and campaigns is huge. After that, the remaining 40 photos sent by partner organizations were shown.

The organizations participating in this big project are:

– Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO)

– Alliance for Global Development (AGD)

– Ifjúsági Stratégiai Kutatóközpont Alapítvány (Youth Strategic Research Center Foundation)

– Moby Dick

– New Vision



– World of Change


– Mladiinfo Montenegro

Within this project, the next activity is the Karl Popper Debates scheduled in each partner country in May and the winning teams from each country will gather in Sarajevo in June for the final round of the Karl Popper Debate Championship.