m!M celebrated the seventh birthday

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro celebrated seven years since its inception. Traditionally, on their birthday, members, volunteers and employees of the organization donated blood to the Blood Transfusion Institute. This year, more than 25 people responded to the invitation to voluntarily donate blood, while 15 young people were able to give blood. The action was carried out in cooperation with the Mens organization in Montenegro and all voluntary donors who participated in the action received free intelligence testing.

The birthday party was continued at the Youth Center in Podgorica. President Milica Zugic, who thanked the partners, clients and associates for successful business in the previous period, spoke to the audience. Presidents Milica Zugic, who thanked the partners, clients and collaborators for successful partnerships in the previous period, addressed the audience.

“In seven years of its existence, m!M has implemented successful projects, has established new and improved existing partnerships. We realized a large number of volunteer actions in which we tried to affirm as many young people as possible to actively participate and contribute to better and better development of both the community and the very young people as an individuals, “said Zugic.

The organization Mladiinfo Montenegro deals with the education of young people through workshops, seminars, trainings, exchanges, camps, panel discussions, etc., both by their own and in cooperation with partner organizations from other countries.

“Through 2017, within our organization and in cooperation with partner organizations from abroad, we sent 95 young people who participated in various exchanges and participated in seminars, trainings, drills, conferences. In the previous year, we also tried to monitor the events in our country, so representatives of the organization, members and volunteers visited over 50 events, where they took part and made their contribution to the development of the community. In addition, something we are proud of is our volunteer service, and in the previous year we implemented numerous volunteer actions in which 20 young people were present, “added Zugic.

In the previous year, m!M implemented projects: “Together to the Results”, “Education for Higher Employability of Roma Population”, – opportunities for young people “and” PRACTICAL VALUES “financed by the Employment Service through the Public Works Program. Through the project “ – shortcut for opportunities”, financed by the Ministry of Sports, we worked on improving the site and we made the Android application Chances for Youngers. In late 2016 and 2017 we realized the project “Penicillin for Corruption” co-financed by the Center for Civic Education. The project “Klik Podgorica”, co-funded by Telenor Foundation, is being implemented in cooperation with Studio Lasso and in April the same application will be presented to the general public.

Zugic announced activities to be implemented in 2018 and added: “In the eighth year of operations, Mladiinfo Montenegro enters with even bigger business challenges and plans, and we will continue to develop the successful cooperation that we have so far, but we look forward to all new business opportunities that are already in front of us “.

In the upcoming period, the organization is already preparing the implementation of five new projects. Two projects of the Ministry of Sports are supported by the Competition for financing and co-financing programs and projects based on the annual plan for achieving the national youth strategy for 2018. The first project is “Youth Information – Youth Information Service”, which aims at increasing the level of information and active participation of young people in Montenegro. Another project that we will implement in cooperation with the Center for Democracy and Human Rights – CEDEM is the project “Active participation of youth in the prevention of violence, hate speech and discrimination”. The overall goal of the project is to support psycho-physical development and preserve the health of young people. Also, the realization of three projects, financially supported by the Employment Agency of Montenegro, begins with the competition for the selection of performers of Public Works. With these projects, we want to achieve greater employability of people belonging to hard-to-reach employment categories, as well as increasing the skills and knowledge of people from hard-to-reach categories.

The celebration was attended by partners and associates of the organization, members and volunteers, and the beginning of another successful year was sweetened with a cake donated by the “Anna’s Sweet Corner” pastry shop. For the musical part of the birthday party, young talented singer Matija Sekulic was in charge.

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