M!M Celebrates Its Sixth Birthday

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is celebrating its sixth birthday with a series of events and activities on March 30.

First among the birthday activities is a blood donation event which will take place on March 30th, starting at 8:00 AM in the in the Blood Transfusion Institute of Montenegro. Mladiinfo Montenegro is organizing this event in cooperation with NGO Mensa Montenegro.

M!M will hold a press conference in Tehnopolis in Nikšić, where they will present the results of the monitoring which was part of their “Penicillin for Corruption“ project. The project is supported through the program “Think Locally – Act Locally! – Fighting Corruption at the Local Level,“ which is realized by the Center for Civic Education, in collaboration with the NGO Bonum from Podgorica, NGO Incubator from Kotor, and NGO Center for Investigative Journalism (CIN) from Podgorica, financed by the European Union. As part of the six-year anniversary festivities, there will be cake at the press conference, which will start at 12 PM.

In the evening, M!M is organizing a concert in “Zahumlje” at 8 pm, which will feature young Nikšić artists Ismail Delija, BLUNT, Lucid, KELA, SIMPLY, Tebrex, IRON DJ, and the dance group ROYAL. The event is part of the Support Program for Cultural Development of Nikšić. The goal of the concert is to promote young talented individuals from Nikšić. Everyone is welcome to join, as there is no admission fee.

Mladiinfo Montenegro is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent, non-political and non-profit organization which was founded on March 30, 2011. The main objective is to improve the situation of the youth through informing, educating, increasing employment, encouraging volunteerism and activism, as well as raising awareness about issues related to the Montenegrin youth so as to contribute to their personal and professional growth.

M!M is engaged in raising awareness about non-formal education, promoting human and minority rights, as well as raising awareness about marginalized groups and their rights. Our vision is that the youth play a major role in the growth of our society.

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