m!M Completed Two Public Works Projects

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) has successfully implemented two public works projects, funded by the Employment Agency of Montenegro. The projects “Education for Greater Roma Employability” and “ – opportunity for young people” started on July 1 and lasted for three months. 
Within the project “Education to Greater Employability”, two persons of Roma and Egyptian nationality were involved, while the project was aimed at employing Roma and Egyptians people and increasing their skills and knowledge. Throughout this project, the users received training in journalism and learned English language, as well as about the social networks managing. Project participants translated the English texts to Montenegrin language, wrote and posted the texts on the site, participated in the evaluation and wrote monthly reports on their own progress.

The second project – “ – opportunity for young people” – included two people who are registered on Bureau of Labor, and who fall into more difficult employable category. The aim of the project was to improve their skills and knowledge. They were being trained to find the opportunities for youth training (scholarships, competitions, grants, seminars, trainings, schools …), as well as to translate the English texts to Montenegrin language, and to write a brief basic journalistic form – news. Within this project, users were also trained in journalism, learned English language and social networks managing.

The participants were engaged to work in the office in Podgorica, and within the activities of the organization itself, they participated in various workshops and attended events, round tables and conferences significant for the development of the organization and the improvement of their own personality, knowledge and skills.

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro will complete its third public works project in October – personal assistance, through which five people will be employed for three months. The projects “ – shortcut to opportunities” funded by the Ministry of Sport, as well as “Click Podgorica” funded by the Telenor Foundation, are also in progress.

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