m!M handed out New Year's packages to the Spasić family from Podgorica

m!M handed out New Year’s packages to the Spasić family from Podgorica

Volunteers of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro presented the ten-member Spasić family with New Year’s packages, as well as collected clothes and shoes.

The Spasić family lives in Podgorica, in Konik suburb. They have eight children, five of whom go to school. The youngest child is 2 and the oldest 15 years old. They live on social assistance of 200 euros. Due to the current situation, the father does not have a job, which further complicates the situation. The mother takes care of the children, so she can’t work either. They have no electricity for two months because they are unable to pay their bills. It is difficult to feed and clothe eight children with 200 euros a month. The mother says that sometimes they are left without a single euro in their pocket.

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