m!M handed over the collected aid to the Pešić family

m!M handed over the collected aid to the Pešić family

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro handed over the aid collected during the fundraiser to the Pešić family from Berane.

When we saw the delight of a single mother and her daughters, we really felt proud because we could be a part of this. How much sincere gratitude can fit in a few tears, we saw today. Small sparks of happiness shone in our eyes as well, so every word was superfluous.

We from the m!M team did our best to make the upcoming holidays a little more beautiful, and we also gave these children a few gifts that we made for them. Of course, this one of the successes in the series will not stop us, but will be an incentive for us to continue in the same spirit. So we elicited a smile from a single mother and her three minor children, because we also made New Year’s packages for them. We are proud of every bit of time we have invested during this action, because in the end we really saw that it paid off and that their sincere happiness is truly the greatest gift for our efforts.

Citizens of Berane donated clothes, groceries, and the shoe store Minja donated a pair of new boots for the girls.

Help for the Pešić family is necessary, because a single mother is struggling to survive with her underage daughters with only 53 euros a month in social benefits.

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