(m!M) held a workshop “Pyramid of Hate”

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized a “Pyramid of hate” workshop as part of the “(t)Error Violence: Role of Gender and Youth” project, implemented by PVN in Albania and supported by the European Youth Foundation (EYF). The workshop was held from 13 to 14 September 2020 at the Sun Village Hotel in Herceg Novi.

The lecturers were participants in the training in Albania. The workshop was attended by 20 young people from all over Montenegro.

At the beginning, the participants got to know each other through well-designed energizers, where they had the opportunity to learn more about each other. After that, the lecturers presented the organization and the project which they were a part of. After the presentation, the main topic of the workshop, the pyramid of hate, was presented. This pyramid has five levels: prejudice, action based on prejudice, discrimination, violence and genocide. Participants were divided into groups. Their task was to select a group of people in Montenegro who are at one of the levels of the pyramid of hate and to analyze it. How is this group affected by hatred, what problems does it face, who deals with solving those problems? These are some of the issues that the participants discussed during the presentations. In the end, we tried to answer the question “How can we help?”.

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