m!M held training for info points

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized training for info points, for info workers, which was held on 11.07.2018. in the Youth Center in Podgorica.
The project “Mladiinfomne-info service for young people” is a project of Mladiinfo Montenegro, which is approved and financed by the Ministry of Sports.

Youth worker Iva Čelanović led the participants through this training.
In the introductory part, informations about the organization itself, the project, the youth workers as well as the training program itself, were shared with the participants.
After the introductory part, in order to encourage good energy, all participants had the opportunity to present themselves and present their experience in the work, their goals and expectations from the training itself.
In order to better understand the work done by the info worker, ie info point, the presenter shared information with the present, both from personal experience and other knowledge. So the attendees had the opportunity to hear how the informing of the youth in Europe works. The participants were also instructed to further improve their knowledge through available literature in online variants.
The attendees also had the opportunity to hear examples from good practice from England, Poland, Austria, France, and Belgium.
One of the topics discussed was the info points in Europe and in our country, and in the following, we developed ideas to inform the young people in Montenegro in the most accessible way.
One of the training activities was also the exercise of the interview “Inform me – inform yourself”, where the participants worked in groups of two participants.
After that, a discussion took place in the field of youth informing in our country, followed by activities for raising energy in the group.
The youth worker also introduced the participants to the existence and work of the Youth Club in Tivat, followed by questions and discussion on the prerequisites for the development of youth informing in Montenegro.
After discussing the conditions and resources for the development of youth informing, models and structures, as well as the quality of information, the working part of the training followed with two activities.
The participants were divided into several groups and each group had the task of processing one of the information areas.
The next activity was related to the development of an action plan in local teams.
And here the participants presented really creative and valuable ideas.
One of the important points for understanding this area, and also upgrading it, are the expectations, fears and desires / personal contributions of individuals.
At the very end, the participants of the training had the opportunity to ask important questions to them and resolve the dilemmas.

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