m!M marked International youth day

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro marked on the 12th of August – International youth day with volunteer action, i.e decoration of public area in their own town.

The action was implemented by members and volunteers of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro with the assistance of young and talented artist Ivan Stamatović. It was invented and implemented the best idea for decorating of public area.
Young, creative people invented the best solution for decorating public area in street 13. jula in Podgorica and that solution was graphite under title The wings of youth on the wall of meaures 5mx5m. Main motiv of this graphite is to simbolize strength and freedom of young people and their wilingness to win all obstacles. On the other side graphite is colorful and interesting and represent good background for making photos and publishing on their social networks.

The action was realized in honour of young people and in order to induce them to participate in activities of community and to provide them the opportunity to be heard.With this action we wanted to show the position of young people in our country and current situation in which they are. The aim was also to show and represent work of young people in this NGO and how this organization helps young people to improve themself in personal and professional area.

During 2017. by our organization and in cooperation with other foreign partner organizations we have sent over 95 young people on seminars, trainings, conferences, exchanges, etc. In previous year we participated in more than 50 events in our country and young people who participated gave contribution to the community. We are also proud on our volunteer service and our volunteers (at every event 20 of them in average) participated in numerous volunteer activities . Finally in period from January to July 2018. thanks to our NGO 30 young people took participation in many exchanges, trainings, conferences etc.

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