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m!M marked Thanksgiving Day

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) marked Thanksgiving Day, November 26. In Nikšić at 4pm and Berane at 2pm, a group of volunteers distributed messages of gratitude to passers-by in the square.

The young people shared over 200 messages with various quotes, wisdom and motivation. We wanted to make our fellow citizens from Berane and Nikšić happy and we succeeded.

The action was launched with the aim of promoting gratitude, tolerance, love and mutual respect.

“It was really nice to see that we managed to elicit smiles and cheer up our locals. We hope that we managed to motivate them and bring them at least a little ray of sunshine in these foggy days. Knowing that they are burdened with problems at work, at school, caring about their loved ones due to the current pandemic situation, we wanted to help them more or less to bear all that burden in this way. We will surely repeat similar actions soon, as elicited smile on someone’s face is invaluable”, our volunteers said.

Thanksgiving was introduced in 1789 on the recommendation of President George Washington and with the approval of Congress. Later, in 1941, President Roosevelt signed a law officially establishing Thanksgiving as a holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Dan zahvalnosti

Dan zahvalnosti

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