m!M marks International Literacy Day

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) will mark the International Literacy Day, September the 8th, this year as well. Volunteers of the organization prepared actions in Niksic and Podgorica, but also an online campaign.

In Niksic, a group of volunteers will organize a mini quiz in the square at 5 pm, in which random passers-by will participate. For the correct answers, the volunteers prepared messages with quotes from both our and world-famous writers, on the topic of literacy, literature, writing.

As part of the celebration of Literacy Day, our volunteers in Podgorica will share messages and advice related to literacy starting at 5 pm, in order to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of proper writing.

Our volunteers from Berane will start live at 1 pm on the Instagram account @mladiinfomne, where they will talk about the importance of literacy, and all those interested can join.

Additionally, we will run an online campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the day, with the aim of raising literacy levels and awareness of the importance of literacy.

International Literacy Day is celebrated around the world on September 8. It is a UNESCO initiative aimed at reminding the international community every year of the status of adult literacy and education at the global level, which means to warn of the problem of illiteracy that still exists in most parts of the world.

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