“m!M opportunity for young people” now available

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro has launched “m!M opportunity for young people” app that is now available to young people from Montenegro and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The application was created within the project “ – Shortcut for Opportunities”, which began with realization on July 1 this year, financed by the Ministry of Sports. The application will enable young people to have the increased access to academic and professional self-improvement opportunities, whether courses, scholarships, various trainings, volunteering, internships, employment, contests or events.

The first step is to download the app from the Google Play Store, and then to register user’s account in order to monitor recently published opportunities available to Montenegrin citizens. Also, user can adjust the settings for certain areas of his / her interest, and for each of these offered opportunities it is possible to set the “bells”, i.e. an alarm that will notify the user of the application deadline for an opportunity for which he / she is interested.

Also, through this project, m!M has realized two workshops in the municipalities of Berane and Bar and the city’s municipality of Tuzi.
The representatives of the organization presented opportunities for young people in Medical High School “Dr Branko Zogovic” in Berane, the Youth Club of Berane, the Youth Council of Berane and the Youth Office, as well as in The Vocational school of economics and hospitality in Bar and Gymnasium “21. maj ” in Tuzi.
These are scholarships, trainings, internships, courses and events, both in the country and abroad, which are available to Montenegrin high school students.

High school students were introduced to the website where they can find all the necessary information and instructions regarding scholarships, contests, competitions and volunteer programs.
The workshop was also about current training programs organized by Mladiinfo Montenegro, such as the Photography Course and a Call for training in Romania. In addition, students were invited to join a volunteer program and to actively participate in their community.
The last workshop and, at the same time, the closing activity of the project is to be held in Podgorica on November 21, starting at 11 am at the Youth Center.

The overall objective of the project “ – shortcut for opportunities” is to increase the youth access to quality education. The specific objectives are to promote the educational mobility of young people and to increase the awareness of young people about the possibilities of formal and informal education in the country and abroad.

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