m!M organized a humanitarian action to help Spasic family

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, in cooperation with Franca store, organized a fundraising campaign on October 17 on the occasion of the Day for the Fight against Poverty for Spasic family from Podgorica.


In Franca groceries and hygiene products were collected, as well as clothes for Spasic family. A large number of people responded to the action. 30 bags and 4 large packages of groceries and personal hygiene items were collected, as well as a dozen bags of clothes and shoes. The collected things were delivered to the family on October 18.


“You don’t know how many good people there are until you find yourself collecting help for someone. As we were raising products at the market, people approached and asked what it was about, and then came back with bags of groceries. Some gave more to us than they bought for themselves. There were various comments such as: ’I know they will need more than me’, ‘I know what they feel like, they have helped me, so now I want to help them’”, said the volunteers of the organization who were part of the action and participated in its implementation.


We would like to thank all the good people who selflessly contributed and identified with the slogan “Someone’s little means a lot to someone”.

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