M!M organized a presentation on business opportunities

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro in cooperation with “Minute Consulting” organized a presentation of business opportunities on Friday, May 11th 2018 in the Youth Centre in Podgorica.

In the introductory part of the presentation Mladiinfo Montenegro representative Hajdana Tadić spoke about the employment opportunities offered by the “Minute Consulting” Career Advisory and Recruitment Agency in cooperation with prestigious companies in Europe and remote destinations in the Middle East.
Tadić also talked about available business positions in luxury hotels and restaurants, reception and application conditions, full package arrangements offered by employers.
As she points out all available positions require knowledge of a particular language at A2, B2 or at an advanced level, depending on the country for which it is applied, previous work experience, good CV and personal branding.
“The conditions that must be met for admission are divided into several steps that you must fulfil: language skills, work experience, skills that distinguish you from others, good CV, successful interview. All this makes you the first choice, and in order to fulfil all the required conditions, it is best to contact the “Minute Consulting” Agency, which charges 25 euros for a comprehensive program of consultations, online courses, interview preparations, workshops for CV writing, the availability of guides and opportunities written in accordance with contemporary standards,” Tadić suggested.
Bojana Perović, a recruiter from the agency Minuta Consulting, said that the agency is working intensively on personal, career customer branding, which is crucial because it helps individuals to define who he really is, how good he is in what he is doing and why he should be sought.
“It is necessary for an individual to search for this key skill in which he is best and to brand it. This branding is a whole process that carries a certain degree of responsibility towards itself and requires a good analysis of one’s own personality, self-perception, prioritization and upgrading of the existing key skills. Therefore, it is a process that lasts forever and that requires constant work on that one crucial skill, “Perović pointed out.
Perović also spoke about the importance of a well-written CV.
“The CV has proven to be one of the biggest problems when we cooperate with applicants because it is not thorough enough and well written and lacks the most common key information. The applicant must understand that CV is his brand, business card and his first contact with the employer, and therefore he takes strict care of the contents of the CV, its form, the style of writing, the design,” Perović pointed out.
Perović presented the process of applying for the job as one curve line on which it is first necessary to write a CV, cover letter, make a linkedin profile, pass an interview and investigation of the employer about clients through social media, go through personal branding workshops and after all get a job.
In the end, Perović stated that those who want to work on a cruiser also have to undergo a detailed procedure.
“For the work on the cruiser, the agency carries out not only a detailed examination of English language skills, personal assessment, but also a complete preparation for an interview so that candidates will not be rejected, since afterwards they are not allowed to apply until the expiration of a five year period” , ended with this statement Perović.

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