m!M organized World diabetes day

On the occasion of marking the World diabetes day on 14 November  2018 at the Independence Square, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized the action. in cooperation with the organization of medical students MoMsic, volunteers and team members organized the action of measurement of the level of sugar in the blood.


Over 100 citizens approached the stand and checked their level of sugar. In most cases results were good, and we gave advice to citizens on nutrition and food. We had a couple of cases when the level of sugar in blood was over 13 and advised citizens to visit their chosen doctor. The action lasted from 1 p.m to 5 p.m. Marking the World diabetes day was supported by the Office for Youth of the capital that operates within the Secretariat for work, youth and social care. Currently, over 425 million people live with diabetes worldwide. Most of the patients have type 2 diabetes, that can be prevented through the physical activity, correct and balanced nutrition. Every second person with type 2 diabetes does not know he/she has diabetes. The early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for the prevention of diabetes complications. The General Assembly of the UN adopted the Resolution on diabetes in 2006, and that way a discontiguous disease was marked as a global problem for the first time, and 14 November was marked as the World diabetes day with the aim of raising the global awareness on diabetes, its escalation throughout the world, and how to prevent the disease in most cases.


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