m!M shared protective masks in Berane

NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” volunteers distributed protective colorful cloth masks this afternoon to citizens of Berane.
Masks were shared for free at the city center and also at nearby locations. The citizens accepted them with enthusiasm and many of them also took the masks for friends and family.
Unimont company (@unimontcg) helped in implementation of this project by donating 50 protective cloth masks.
This activity is carried out by the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” due to NKT(National coordination body) order which states that masks must be worn in open and closed public areas.
The goal of this activity is to raise public awareness of the importance of wearing protective masks. We invite our fellow citizens to come and take a mask in order to protect themselves and others too.
In response to our gesture of kindness, citizens of Berane were grateful and confirmed that they are aware of the seriousness of situation.

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